Lease Fees

The following lease fees must be paid in advance to process applications: Application Fees

· New Leases $400 + costs

(Federal Lease, Provincial License of Occupation)

· Assignments, Mortgages, Amendments, Subleases $200 + costs

In addition to the application fees, applications will be required to pay any legal costs incurred in preparing the lease. Leases prepared in-house by the Port Authority will be invoiced at $400.00 Minimum Rental Fee is $500. All fees are non-refundable and subject to HST. Outside “costs” (legal, engineering, survey, or other services) required to process an application will be the responsibility of the applicant. Log Storage Rates and all other lease and occupation rates are set by the Port Authority Board of Directors.

2018 Zone Rate Increases

2016 Consulting Valuation Report

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