« Être un port prospère et diversifiée internationale. »



Être un moteur économique facilitant l'échange et le commerce maritime, tout en offrant un service professionnel qui respecte l'environnement, la communauté et les usagers du port.



We will ensure the decisions and actions of the Port Authority are made according to applicable acts, regulations and best practices.

We commit to efficiently and effectively meet the mandate, regulations, vision and mission of the Port Authority.

We will conduct the business of the Port Authority with integrity, commitment, honesty and sincerity.

Constructive Engagement
We expect and respect the public’s interest in port operations and activities.  As such, we want to reflect and uphold an organizational culture that improves visibility. 

We commit to meeting and exceeding all regulatory and public expectations for the safe undertaking and enjoyment of all port facilities and operations. 

We will approach all challenges and opportunities with a mindset of flexibility, adaptability and sustainability.

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